The resilant: tough and non-porous

Coa­ting pro­ces­ses


EMATEC® is an extre­me­ly low-poro­si­ty aluminium oxi­de coa­ting con­tai­ning tita­ni­um that is pro­du­ced through a spe­cial anodi­zing pro­cess.

It pro­vi­des very good pro­tec­tion against wear and cor­ro­si­on. The mini­mal coat lay­er allo­ws pro­duc­tion to final dimen­si­ons.

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Ematechigh dielectric strengthgering

Coat thic­k­ness and com­po­si­ti­on
EMATEC® is sui­ta­ble for coat thic­k­nes­ses ran­ging from 10 to 25 µm, depen­ding on the aluminium alloy used. The recom­men­ded coat thic­k­ness is 15 µm. 80% of this lay­er thic­k­ness ‘grows’ into the base mate­ri­al, resul­ting in an appli­ca­ti­on of 3 µm.

Tole­rance ran­ge
The tole­rance ran­ge of an EMATEC® coat is ± 4 µm depen­ding on the mate­ri­al used and the sel­ec­ted coat thic­k­ness.

Intrin­sic colour
The colour of a com­po­nent coa­ted with EMATEC® depends on the alloy, the coat thic­k­ness and the type of pro­ces­sing. The colour spec­trum ran­ges from light grey to bron­ze.

EMATEC® can­not be dyed.

Our sui­ta­bi­li­ty table pro­vi­des you with an over­view of the aluminium allo­ys sui­ta­ble for EMATEC®.

Stan­dards and spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons
The­re are no cor­re­spon­ding stan­dards or spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons for EMATEC®.

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